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11 Jan 2019


Car Accident Lawyer In Sacramento Helps Victims of Head-On Collisions There are thousands of fatalities each year due to car crashes. Head-on car collisions are an especially fatal type of crash. In 2005, head-on car collisions accounted for only 2% of all crashes but represented over 10% of fatal crashes, indicating there is a much […]

04 Jan 2019


Personal Injury Lawyers Explain Accidents Involving More Than One Vehicle We’ve all been witness to pile-ups on the highway. Unfortunately for the people involved, it’s more than rubbernecking entertainment. Car accidents involving multiple vehicles can be devastating to a person’s physical property as well as causing irreversible damage to an individual’s physical and mental health. […]

21 Dec 2018


Accidents Involving Mopeds or Scooters There are many ways to get around in California but it’s important to keep in mind that any mode of transportation can lead to an accident and you should contact a personal injury lawyer for any legal help you may need. . The excellent weather encourages individuals to be outside […]

27 Nov 2018


Sacramento Accident Lawyer Shares Tips on Winter Weather and Avoiding Car Accidents Many Americans fail to realize that the most dangerous thing we do on a daily basis is drive our vehicles. Whether you’re in a standard passenger car, truck, or SUV, you are putting yourself at higher risk of injury or death when you […]

22 Nov 2018


Sacramento Car Accident Attorney Explains Accidents In Wet Weather Conditions California is known for it’s warm sunshine and beautiful weather but as El Nino proved, we’re not foreign of having bad weather. Because we’re so used to driving in good weather conditions, many passengers on the road aren’t capable of driving in bad weather conditions. […]

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