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01 Mar 2019


Sacramento Injury Attorneys Explain Injuries From Bicycle Accidents Bicycling is a very common and healthy method of travel in the state of California. Unfortunately, bikers are very vulnerable to outside elements and are integrated in vehicle traffic. This can make bicycling very dangerous, especially when the bicyclist is not very comfortable or the conditions are […]

15 Jan 2018

One of the biggest fears that cyclists have is experiencing a collision with a motor vehicle. Though bicycle accidents are least common relative to motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents, occasionally a cyclist and a motorist collide.

The first step you should take if you experience a cycle accident is take pictures of the exact scene. You should leave the bike and other property in the same state it was after the accident and take pictures. This is very important because they will be used as evidence to protect your legal rights. The second step you should take is contact the police and/or wait for the police to respond to the accident of the scene. If an accident report is written, ensure that the information recorded is accurate and then obtain a copy of the police report.

08 Jan 2018

Cycling is an environmentally-friendly and healthy mode of transportation. The high number of fair weather days makes it a very popular leisure sport and common way of getting around. Unfortunately, being on a bicycle can be very dangerous when sharing the road with motor vehicles. Bicycles don’t have as much structural integrity and the rider is very exposed. This makes a collision with a car potentially very damaging and dangerous. If you have been struck by a vehicle while riding your bicycle, speak with our accident lawyers in Sacramento who can guide you to the best course of action.

Bicycles are generally considered another vehicle on the road, though cars have a 7:1 size ratio to bicycles. Nevertheless, bicyclists are expected to follow all applicable laws as a car would. This means coming to a complete stop and taking turns in an intersection. Cyclists who do not follow the rules of the road and end up in a collision are susceptible to being liable for the crash, even if they are much more injured or incur more damage.

08 Oct 2015

While our source article for this is five months old, the message it contains (and the lesson it imparts) is important enough that it shouldn’t matter when it was written. The article is all about helmet cameras for bicyclists, and how these relatively new products are revolutionizing the way bicyclists keep themselves safe on the […]

For most of the last century, America’s driving laws and road infrastructure have been largely been built around physical ways to control traffic. But in recent years, traffic studies have helped researchers realize that there are many psychological components to safe driving as well. Especially in urban areas like Sacramento, the ways that drivers, bicyclists […]

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