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15 Dec 2018

Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Catastrophic Injuries That Lead to Hearing Loss The sense of hearing is very important for an individual’s quality of life, but often is not taken very seriously. It isn’t until it is too late and the damage has been done that people get concerned about their ability to hear. Much […]

07 Dec 2018

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney Explains Premises Liability Law and Who is Responsible If You Are Injured As if being robbed or assaulted while on someone else’s property, or at a place of business wasn’t enough! Now you have serious injuries that require medical attention! What happens if the assailant gets away and there is no […]

15 Mar 2018


SACRAMENTO ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS THE “STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS” (SOL) Statute of limitations are deadlines for filing a lawsuit and every state has them. The period of time during which you can file a lawsuit varies depending on the type of legal claim. For example, with personal injury cases, you have two years to file from the […]

This winter has certainly been a wet and wild one for Northern California so far this season. The Sacramento Valley in particular has seen some extraordinary winter weather and the third week of January brought with it incredibly strong winds that have left the Sacramento area rebuilding on this Thursday, January 19, 2017. High winds were reported across the Valley, with the strongest gust coming in at an intense 63mph, which was reported at the Sacramento International Airport. 50mph gusts were reported across the region, and reports from SMUD indicate that almost 50,000 people in the immediate Sacramento region suffered power outages last night and early this morning as a result of downed power lines.

Power wasn’t the only thing people lost last night, many individual’s homes, vehicles, and other personal property were damaged in the high winds, and one vehicle was actually struck by a falling tree on the corner of 19th and X streets in Sacramento. In El Dorado Hills, multiple reports came in of trees being uprooted and falling onto houses and cars as a result of intense wind. Downed trees were also responsible for road closures across Northern California, and Highway 160 was closed from Highway 12 up to the Antioch bridge as a result of downed trees blocking the roadway.

21 Aug 2015

Smartphones and other handheld electronic devices have become woven into the fabric of daily life. There are some routines and activities, though, that should stay smartphone-free. One in particular: driving. According to, there were 3,154 auto accident fatalities attributed to distracted driving in 2013, and that same year distracted driving resulted in about 424,000 […]

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