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Sacramento Auto Accident Lawyer Helps With Animal & Wildlife Related Auto Accidents

Based on a recent study conducted, collisions involving vehicles and wildlife in California cost about $225 million per year. And with the rapid development of roads and highways, communities and business centers have become more dangerous. If you’ve been involved in an accident involving an animal, make sure to contact an experienced Sacramento auto accident lawyer to figure out what your next steps are. A collision with some form of wildlife occurs on average every 39 minutes and result in approximately 200 motorists deaths in United States each year. Because of that, it’s important you take all necessary precautions while on the road:

  • Slow down when passing yellow animal-crossing signs
  • Wildlife is most active during dusk, dawn and night so take extra precaution during this time
  • Reduce your speed to 45 mph at night and even lower when roads are icy
  • Pay attention to shoulders as animals may suddenly attempt to flee by leaping into the road
  • Look for reflecting eyes
  • Slow down if you see a moose. Instead of leaping into the forest, moose will gallop down the road ahead of you for long distances before finally veering into the woods
  • Deer, elk and antelope wander in groups. If you see one, slow down as more will follow

Keep in mind that you can also be involved in a collision with domestic animals, not just wildlife. No one expects a large domestic animal such as a horse or a cow on a major highway but unfortunately it happens and it’s important you contact an experienced attorney. Animals that wander away from their property become trespassers and if an animal trespasses onto private property and causes harm to others, strict liability applies to the owner of that animal. Strict liability does not apply in a situation where an animal trespasses onto public highway. Make sure to contact a Sacramento auto accident lawyers who can help with your case specifically if you’ve been involved in an animal-vehicle collision.

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