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Protecting Parents’ Rights In Child Protective Services Actions

It is the responsibility of California Child Protective Services (CPS) to investigate reports of child abuse or endangerment and take appropriate action to ensure the child’s safety. In cases where CPS representatives make an inaccurate determination, however, it can needlessly jeopardize a parent’s rights.

If your child has been removed from your care by CPS, be sure that you have effective representation from an attorney who understands the law and has the ability to protect your parental rights. Sacramento injury attorney at The Weinberger Law Firm, we understand how traumatic it can be to face the loss of your child to unfounded claims of abuse or neglect by uninformed bureaucrats. We will be there beside you at every step, fighting to protect your rights and your access to your children.

Helping You Through A Difficult Time

Dealing with any government agency can be extremely difficult, and getting answers to even the most fundamental questions can be a challenge. We understand your frustration, and we are here to help you. We know how government operates, and we know how to navigate its complex and sometimes frustrating processes.

When you choose our law firm, we take the time to understand the issues surrounding your case and the circumstances leading up to the time your child was taken from you. Our injury lawyers in Sacramento CA will help you present a strong defense against CPS and do everything in our power to get your child returned to you.

We won a tremendous victory against CPS and Sacramento PD.

Now the child will get the care he needs without trampling the parents rights. Judge orders transport of Baby Sammy to Stanford Medical Center.

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Contact our offices in Folsom or Sacramento, California, to discuss your concerns regarding CPS and the removal of your child from your home. You can speak with a personal injury attorney in Sacramento to learn more about your legal rights and what our firm can do to help you. Please call (916) 357-6767 or contact us via email to schedule an appointment.

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