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Failure To See A Car Due To Blind Spots Or Distracted Driving

Truck accidents can be caused by a variety of reasons and no truck accident is ever the same. There are many different types of trucks, ranging from small to large 18-wheelers and the larger the truck, the more dangerous it is. By law, everyone that is on the road has a duty to be a responsible and careful driver and although most drivers are, truck drivers have extremely large blind spots known as “no zones”. No zones are areas where the truck driver cannot see if another vehicle is present. Blind spot crashes involving commercial trucks can lead to serious and even fatal injuries if a car is crushed or forced off the road. If you’ve been involved in an accident on the road regarding a big rig, make sure to contact an experienced attorney for help with your case.

Because the economy is growing, there is a much higher demand for truck drivers to deliver goods across the country. In the last two decades alone, truck driver accidents have increased by over 20%. And by 2025, a total of $450 billion is expected to be spent on motor vehicle accidents. Nearly 500 accidents occur each year in California alone and the big rigs increase the chances of death and serious injuries. If you or someone you know has been severely injured in a truck accident, contact an attorney. Driving a tractor-trailer is much different than driving a typical passenger vehicle. If a smaller car cannot see a truck driver’s face in his side view mirror, he or she can’t see you either. Many accidents that occur with big ricks result in catastrophic injuries including amputation, head injuries, coma, paralysis and even death.

There are three main blind spots for trucks. The side is the worst of them. The blind spot on the right side of a truck can be the entire length of the trailer and extend into three separate lanes. Due to this massive blind spot, motorists are encouraged to always pass trucks on their left. While there is still a blind spot, drivers are trained to expect passing motorists there. The front is another blind spot that can put other vehicles in dangerous. Truckers sit in elevated cabs, which can make it difficult for them to see vehicles immediately in front of them. In fact, if a car gets too close to them, the hood of the truck may block them from view entirely. This blind spot is usually 20 feet long. Merging directly in front of trucks can put them and you at serious risk of a deadly collision. The last of the blind spots is the back. Although rearview mirrors help solve solve the issue of blind spots, when motorists follow too closely, it can be impossible for the trucker to notice them.

Determining fault isn’t a black and white process. Make sure to contact an experienced attorney who can help your case specifically.


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