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Accident Lawyer in Sacramento Discusses DriveCam Service and Large Truck Accidents

The lives we live today are possible because of the vast and complicated economic system we have built over the millennia. That entire system would come to a halt if we didn’t have the men and women who transport the goods and services we need to keep it running.  A large portion of that transportation responsibility falls onto our nation’s truck drivers.

Being a truck driver is a dangerous job, but so is sharing the road with them!

Over 4,000 people lose their lives every year in large truck accidents, and although many of these are caused by other drivers on the road, some are caused by negligent truck drivers.  As soon as the act of driving becomes a way to get paid, people will attempt to break the rules for their own monetary benefit.  Breaking the rules can include driving with excessive speed, tailgating, not performing required safety inspections, and not adhering to rest period laws, among many others. To help trucking companies and customers make sure they are using the best and safest drivers, the company DriveCam has introduced a service that gives managers useful insight into their driver’s habits.

What is DriveCam?

DriveCam is a company that uses a dashboard mounted camera that is placed inside a vehicle to gather driving and situational information.  The camera is triggered to send a video transmission to the company’s central analysis facility whenever an emergency maneuver is made.  An emergency maneuver is defined by sudden changes in speed or direction, such as sudden breaking, swerving, or impact caused by collision.  Once the video is sent to DriveCam, they analyze it to make sure that it does in fact represent an emergency situation, at which point it is also sent to the company that owns the truck for evaluation.  This is an incredibly useful tool for managers attempting to retain only the safest drivers for use.

A lesser known positive of the service is that in the event of an accident, it will really help investigators determine the cause.  Truck drivers are often unfairly blamed for accidents because their vehicles cause an immense amount of damage that makes properly determining the original cause difficult. When there are five cars on scene and they have all been smashed to bits by a large tractor trailer, it is hard to prove that anything other than the large truck was the cause.  In reality, there are hundreds of different possible causes, but it’s very difficult to determine which was primary once such extreme damage has taken place. Having this type of monitored camera mounted on the dashboard of these large trucks is great for us all, and it will also help to vindicate drivers who have been unfairly deemed responsible for truck accidents.

Have you been injured in a car accident with a large truck?

People are hurt every day from interactions with these large commercial vehicles. Injuries from accidents with tractor trailers and semi trucks are often serious and can prove fatal.  Responsible parties should be held accountable, and the accident lawyer in Sacramento at the Weinberger Law Firm will fight to get injured parties the compensation they deserve.  If you or a loved one has been injured during an accident with a large truck, call the accident lawyer in Sacramento for a free consultation today!


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